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Mr. Leland Melvin,


I am a documentary producer, funded modestly by Halis Family Foundation, Sponsored by From the Heart Productions. I am making a documentary short (30 mins) film. Information about the film is below. It started out as a profile on astronaut hopeful Natalie Panek but has blossomed into a film about overcoming challenges, strengthening a diverse population of persons in STEM, and inspiring young people to pursue space. Natalie was recently rejected from the Canadian astronaut placement after being vetted to the top 100 applicants. A streak of white hair was the "medical" reason given for her rejection. (this is not public) She is heartbroken. She always considered this birthmark streak of hair to be in some ways her superpower (like Rogue from Xmen). This gives me a special opportunity to inspire the many many young people who dream big and hit major roadblocks. Whether the roadblock is a medical issue, like being suddenly hearing impaired, or a systemic issue like having a program that doesn't allow women, so many people run up against obstacles that seem insurmountable. However, it isn't just about one person, it's about a whole team of space enthusiasts who go into STEM fields that make every mission possible. Will you help me inspire? I would like to interview you the first weekend of November in VA. Is that possible? No talent is being paid, I am sorry that I can not offer that. But I can come to you! Please let me know if you are interested in speaking further about this. I will assemble a team asap to make it happen. I think with your story will be particularly meaningful given the themes that I've mentioned. Please look at the information below. 



Katherine DuBois

 301 802 7483


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