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Born in Washington D.C., and raised in Maryland;

NY taught, St. Petersburg honed, and LA toughened.  

Katherine's interest in high-concept art in the film and theatre mediums has led to a diverse and

award-winning portfolio of stunning imagery and nuanced storytelling. Performance and design mediums include feature films, short narratives, documentaries, dance, theatre, and classical music projects.

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The Art Form

Working in both film and performing arts has allowed me to play and create in ways that I hadn't dreamed possible. There is so much potential to learn from other art forms and to innovate.

Recent credits include a richly textured theatrical short film about two Ghanaian American sisters, a Bach music video with ballet performance, a cinematically stunning theatre production with aerial arts, and a documentary with elements of the impossible. 

With so many mediums to choose from... 


The path forward is in what will captivate an audience.


~ Katherine DuBois



Working Together

Katherine works with organizations and individuals who are inspired to create story or share a message of importance. 

Here are some ways that can happen: 

  • an organization looks to capture performing arts in an exciting way. 

  • an individual receives grant funds to capture their artistry or collaborate

  • a director or writer needs a producer to help hone their vision and execute their film

  • an agency or production house is looking for a storytelling solution for their clients

  • a visionary needs guidance on how to execute an idea

  • a theatre is searching for a director to execute high-concept design within reach

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