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An Actress

“Katherine DuBois, dressed ridiculously as a bereaved-girl character, mourns a dead lover in preposterous language that strains for poetry and misses by a mile… it worked so exquisitely it left me in tears.”

 ~ City Paper

"Katherine DuBois is a versatile, graceful artist with a commanding presence. Katherine DuBois belongs as much in a Bourne movie as she does portraying Elizabethan royalty."
~ Yasmin Naficy

“I most admire her ability to imagine a fully realized character in seconds, going from a goofy, down to earth, girl to the contrived, doctored collection of circumstances of an imagined character in what seems to be no more than a declaration of, "Action!"  It's a breath of fresh air to work with someone like Katie who is uncannily intuitive...

~ Sean Parsons

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“It really shows that film is not plot and action, but inner eventfulness. There is so much of it, particularly in Katherine’s performance. Even the silences speak. Just wonderful.”

 ~ The Independent Film Pages

"Katie is a director's dream--smart, funny, fearless and skilled at communicating her character's thoughts and feelings without showing us her process. If you're fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her, please, do yourself a favor and take it." 

~ Suse Sternkopf

"When she came to set, Katie surprised us all by totally transforming...I don't think I would have recognized her from one experience to the next." 


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