Katherine specializes in cinematic theatre and theatrical film.  The projects that she pursues in fiction and documentary almost exclusively focus on the dynamic portrayal of women. 

Dedicated to storytelling Katherine sought out intensive theater study at Ithaca College, the Eugene O'Neill National Theater Institute, and the St. Petersburg Imperial Arts Academy. She learned filmmaking hands-on from friends and mentors. Katherine has worked and lived in LA, NYC, and Washington DC. 

Katherine is an award-winning director | producer and an Executive Member of Women in Film and Video, Washington D.C.. 


A Mid Summer Night's Dream with Synetic Theater performed at Teatro De Los Heros in Chihuahua, Mexico. Audience 1,800. 'What a dream.' Katherine hopes performance will always be a part of her life and is grateful to her roots as an actor. Katherine is currently at the helm of Synetic's film branch as the Producer of Synetic Motion Pictures and Streaming.